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o June 24-29, 2001
A research on YiGuanDao was conducted by a professor from the City University (Hong Kong) and a 2nd year undergrad from the McGill University (Canada) by visiting temples in ROC (Taiwan). The successful trip was arranged through the YiGuanDao.Com site, and the ROC I-Kuan Tao Association. This trip covered visits to 5 different divisions of the YiGuanDao, including the Bao Guang Jian De division, Fa Yi Chong De division, Xing Yi Nan Xing division, Ji Chu division and Bao Guang Yi Shan division. The research also included visiting and interviewing the President of the ROC I-Kuan Tao (Senior Master Shih), the Secretary-General of the ROC I-Kuan Tao (Senior Master Li), the Senior Masters and Masters of the different divisions mentioned above.


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8 De - 8 Original Virtues - Xiao Di Zhong Xing Li Yi Lian Chi

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