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We are honored with your visit to our humble website. Here, you will find lots of information and links on Yi Guan Dao (I Kuan Tao). Eventhough this website is not comprehensive, nevertheless we will continuously update and improve this site so that you will find it useful and come back often. Have a pleasant visit. smile
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  News & Announcements: Xi Que
What's Up?

o September 16, 2004
The YiGuanDao.Com / IKuanTao.Com discussion forum is setup. This forum is especially for Dao brothers and sisters worldwide to discuss about Dao and YiGuanDao (I-Kuan-Tao) related topics. Please go to: Forum.YiGuanDao.Net to register and join the forum.

o August 05-22, 2002
The YiGuanDao.Com / IKuanTao.Com website was offline briefly for about slightly more than 2 weeks due to a change in our ISP and hosting company. We took this opportunity to revamp some parts of our website. The new look and design will most probably be completed by September 15, 2002.

o July 24, 2002
With the successful registration of the domain name: IKuanTao.Net, we have successfully registered all YiGuanDao and IKuanTao related domain names under the .com .net .org .info top-level domains (TLDs). Only one domain name which is not successfully acquired by us: IKuanTao.Org. The reason why we have acquired these domain names is in order to house all of them under one website for easier reference and search result targetting. Should any YiGuanDao / IKuanTao Association or Division formally request for any of these names to host their official website, we would most probably consider giving it to them for free.

o November 26, 2001
Saying farewell to our most beloved, respected and a most benevolent Senior Master Shi (Shi Qing Xing - Qian Ren) of the Bao Guang Jian De division. Eventhough we are comforted that Senior Master Shi is now with our Heavenly Mother and Buddhas, we will nevertheless miss him very much.

o June 24-29, 2001
A research on YiGuanDao was conducted by a professor from the City University (Hong Kong) and a 2nd year undergrad from the McGill University (Canada) by visiting temples in ROC (Taiwan). The successful trip was arranged through the YiGuanDao.Com site and the ROC I-Kuan Tao Association. This trip covered visits to 5 different divisions of the YiGuanDao, including the Bao Guang Jian De division, Fa Yi Chong De division, Xing Yi Nan Xing division, Ji Chu division and Bao Guang Yi Shan division. The research also included visiting and interviewing the President of the ROC I-Kuan Tao (Senior Master Shih), the Secretary-General of the ROC I-Kuan Tao (Senior Master Li), the Senior Masters and Masters of the different divisions mentioned above.

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  Xi Que Updates To YiGuanDao.Com:
What's New?

o July 22, 2001
The YiGuanDao Worldwide Portal & Links Page is up. Featuring English, Bilingual and Chinese websites worldwide.

o July 19, 2001
The new layout and concept for YiGuanDao.Com is setup. The first page up is the "Worlwide Contact" page.

o For more the complete list of updates, please goto:
The Updates Page


Food For Thought

  Kong Zi (Confucius) said:
When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. When the self is cultivated, the clan is harmonized. When the clan is harmonized, the country is well governed. When the country is well governed, there will be peace throughout the land.

- Da Xue (The Great Learning) -
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Personal Insights
  True words from the heart.

Dr. Graeme Lange: As President of the ROC I-Kuan Tao Assoc., what is your biggest accomplishment and what makes you really happy about?
Senior Master Shih: The greatest joy and comfort in my whole life is to be able to receive and cultivate the Dao with my whole family. I hope that all Dao cultivators and the people of the world will also be able to be as fortunate to receive and cultivate the Dao and to have happy families where the children will be filial towards the parents.

Sages Said

  Kong Zi (Confucius) said:
To be able to grasp the Dao (Way / Truth) in the morning, can die without regrets the same evening.

- Lun Yu (The Analects): On Virtue (Li Ren) 4:8 -
Lao Zi (Laocius) said:
The Dao that can be spoken is not Dao. The name that can be spoken is not the real name.

- Dao De Jing -
Buddha said:
All the sentient beings (masses) have the Buddha nature.

- Sakyamuni Buddha -
Meng Zi (Mencius) said:
To serve Heaven, a man must do his best to preserve his heart, to nourish his nature, and to cultivate his character. This is Heaven's decree.

- Mencius - The chapter on JingXin -
6th Partriarch Hui-Neng said:
Our bodhi nature (essence of our heart) is originally pure, and through this heart alone we can reach buddhahood.

- 6 Zhu Tan Jing Chapter 1 -


Members Area
  Communication and Discussion Areas especially for fellow Dao brothers and sisters worldwide:

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[3] Discussion Message Board/Forum

For further information about our members areas, please email us at: yiguandao@gmail.com



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Confucius (KongZi) Said:
Wu Dao Yi Yi Guan Zhi
ふり ¨笵砮ぇ〃 Confucius Said: "The Dao I teach is all encompassing."

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8 Virtues (Ba De) 紈:
8 De - 8 Original Virtues - Xiao Di Zhong Xing Li Yi Lian Chi
1. [ У Xiao ] Filial Piety; 2. [  Ti ] Brotherhood; 3. [ ┚ Zhong ] Loyalty; 4. [ 獺 Xin ] Faith;
5. [ 搂 Li ] Propriety; 6. [ 竡 Yi ] Righteousness; 7. [ 稧 Lian ] Dignity; 8. [  Chi ] Knowing Shame.

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