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Organisation Structure

  The Original 18 Divisions of YiGuanDao (I-Kuan Tao) In China:  

  1. 寶光組
    Bao Guang
  2. 興毅組
    Xing Yi
  3. 發一組
    Fa Yi
  4. 基礎組
    Ji Chu
  5. 安東組
    An Dong
  6. 浩然組
    Hao Ran
  7. 常州組
    Chang Zhou
  8. 文化組
    Wen Hua
  9. 天祥組
    Tian Xiang
  10. 慧光組
    Hui Guang
  11. 正義組
    Zheng Yi
  12. 紫光組
    Zi Guang
  13. 明光組
    Ming Guang
  14. 金光組
    Jin Guang
  15. 北平組
    Bei Ping
  16. 天真組
    Tian Zhen
  17. 浦光組
    Pu Guang
  18. 禮智組
    Li Zhi

  Note: We are still in the midst of compiling the complete list of divisions recognised by the World I-Kuan Tao Headquarters. Therefore, we will continuously add new divisions from time to time. If you know of any division we might have accidentally left out, please inform us. Thank You.  

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